Do squirrels chew through walls?

Are you one of those who wake up with the voice of scratching at night that is coming from walls? You probably have squirrels over there. If you have a new home, then you are recommended to get rid of them as soon as possible because they have the ability to chew the walls, and by doing this, they can build weaker the walls or ceiling of your home. You can call the professionals that will help you in the removal of squirrels.

How do you know a squirrel is in the home or wall?

Although the first or major sign is scratching that you hear in the night or in the quiet moments, it can be any day time too. After hearing their scratching sounds, it’s time to focus on the other signs that will help you in the confirmation that squirrels are living in your wall.

Squirrels are considered gnawing animals means they will chew anything to make their home; there is no material that is safe from squirrels due to their sharp teeth. Another common sign that can help to identify the squirrels is their dropping urine stains. Squirrels that are living behind the wall may become into notice because of their urine stains. The stain of squirrels is similar to the water stain, so before making any plan, make sure they are squirrels stain, not water stain.

While making the nest, they spread a huge mess, so check out at the attic to find out their nest; if it is there, it will contain various stuff because, as we mentioned before, they use everything when making their nest. Another clear sign of squirrels nest is you will find wood, paper, insulation, and leaf in the nest.

You may also notice their footprints as they have small front paws with four toe prints. You can place the power near to the affected place like a near wall or on the attic; if you find their footprints, it will be sure they are living here.

You may also listen to the sound of fighting that may be coming within the wall; it will be scary and loud noises; it means another squirrel is trying to live within the wall. Like other animals, squirrels also mark territory, and they did not allow others to live within their territory.

So if you have noticed any of the above signs that show you have squirrels within the home.

What damage can squirrels cause?

As we mentioned above, they can chew anything so they can cause serious structural damage to your house. They behave like other rodents and will chew the drywall, ceiling, wood, etc. they will chew anything that is accessible to them, especially when they are making their home. They can also chew up wires and pipe, and by doing this, they can increase the risk of getting fire, and you will need to pay double to repair this damage.

What can you do?

If you do not want to listen to any scratch on the wall, then the best solution is to hire wildlife professionals; they will help in removing the squirrels. You can also use many home remedies, but they may be time taking, and during this time, squirrels will lead you to more loss.

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